Kench Hill is a popular residential outdoor education Centre, owned by London Borough of Hackney but operating as a non-profit charity for all inner-city groups. The cosy building and Kent location make it an ideal all-weather site.

DINE with us and share our core values of Diversity, Inclusion, Nature and Environmental Education. Introductory video
Although we work mainly with Key Stage 2 (Years 4-6), we can teach across all ages KS1- 4, and aim to provide highly motivating learning experiences. Our ethos is to help pupils develop self confidence, mutual respect, social skills and a sense of responsibility. Typical school visit video


Cost per pupil for 5 days/4 nights with a minimum group size of 26, fully catered: Includes taught on-site activities.

PEAK rate March – October. OFF-PEAK November – February

Contact us for smaller group rates and different visit periods eg 1-3 nights/split weeks

HIRE PERIODHackney schools*Non-Hackney schools
PEAK Academic Year 2021 – 22£220£235
OFF-PEAK 2022-23£170 – £185£185 – £199
PEAK Academic Year 2022-23£230£250

* Bursaries of up to £50 available for Hackney pupils. For details see Kench Hill Bursary.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Manual has been updated to include Covid risk assessments. Health & Safety Manual 2022-23

Planning a Visit

We have lots of helpful resources to help plan your visit. Before signing your booking form please read our Terms & Conditions and School Party Agreement.

On-site Activities

Off-site Activities

During the week we can support a variety of off-site trips either using the Centre’s mini bus or booking a coach. There are many visitor attractions and educational sites nearby. Inspirational gardens, historical monuments, picturesque villages, farms, orchards, beaches and a variety of natural habitats provide exciting, stimulating, memorable trips.

NB Visitor attractions and coach hire get booked up early, especially in Summer Term. Contact us as soon as possible to arrange a day trip.