Kench Hill is a popular all-year residential Centre, a former ILEA facility for Hackney schools, but now operating as a charity for all inner-city groups. The cosy building and Kent location make it ideal at any season.

We work mainly with Key Stage 2 (Years 4-6), but can facilitate and teach KS3-4 science, geography, DT etc. We aim to make the whole process as easy as possible for you, from booking transport and trips to leading activities. We strongly recommend preliminary visits for all new group leaders. The main aim of the Centre is to provide highly motivating learning experiences. Our ethos is to help pupils develop self confidence, mutual respect, social skills and a sense of responsibility – achievable in a residential setting. Children often return to school with a new zest for learning and a more positive attitude towards others and this is just reward for their teachers’ high degree of commitment and effort so necessary for a successful, enjoyable visit.

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Kench Hill is proud to be awarded the LOtC Quality Badge, ensuring that all aspects of our facility meets high standards of health and safety, as well as clear learning outcomes.

When you have booked your trip you will receive the Teacher’s Pack, containing information, drawn up with the help of experienced leaders, to ensure that your visit is as well planned and problem-free as possible. It covers as many points as can possibly arise in a residential situation, but don’t worry – very few problems do occur and over the years many thousands of students and their teachers have come to regard a stay at Kench Hill as a most positive and rewarding experience.

The children showed better listening skills, and knowledge of living things. They became confident, took responsibility and supported each other. The staff were excellent. Friendly, supportive and always accommodating.’ (Year 6 teacher, Hackney)

Click on the link to see a photo diary of a Kench Hill week (thanks to Shoreditch Park Primary)

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