The School Journey Grant was withdrawn by Hackney Council in 2014.  Council policy is for schools to use Pupil Premium. However, The Kench Hill Charity is committed to inclusion and is striving to raise funds to assist families in need by providing a Bursary. Please note the following:

  • There is no change to the criteria for eligibility eg for families in receipt of child tax credits, income support etc
  • The bursary is £50 against the cost of a full week. Pro-rata awards are granted for part-weeks or weekends.
  • Pupils that are recorded on the School Application Form as being in receipt of free school meals automatically qualify for the Bursary.
  • We may be able to offer additional assistance for pupils in exceptional circumstances. Headteachers should contact us to discuss this – see below.
  • We cannot deal with telephone enquiries from individual families, but can receive email queries on
  • If you know any local business or organisation that might support us with donations for the Bursary Fund please let us have their contact details!

Kench Hill Bursary Procedure


  • Please complete the KHBursary SchoolApplication21KH Bursary school application form with details of all pupils who receive free school meals and return to us 6 weeks prior to your visit. There is no limit on the number of pupils who wish to claim the Grant and we encourage as many as possible to do so. We can refuse to award grants if applications are sent retrospectively.
  • We rely on you to provide accurate records regarding free school meal status, but may need to verify with Pupil Benefits team.
  • For pupils who do not receive FSM but who are in need, we require a brief summary signed by a member of SMT. (We no longer require the parental application form or evidence of eligibility.) 
  • We will process applications and inform you if a Bursary cannot be awarded. We will NOT inform parents directly.
  • Please contact us asap if you have any withdrawals or late applications, although we cannot guarantee late claims will be successful.
  • Once the Bursary fund has been allocated no more applications can be considered – it is on a first come, first served basis within each financial year.
  • We will deduct the total amount of Bursaries applicable from your final invoice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

KHBursary SchoolApplication21