Kench Hill offers a uniquely caring, peaceful environment which nurtures emotional and physical health and well-being for its visitors. The Head of Centre, a qualified teacher, teaches many activities and leads groups on day trips, or can facilitate non-school groups to organise their own programmes. We offer the complete package – from the moment you make your booking we will help you plan and prepare for the visit.

Every Child Matters… At Kench Hill!

Be Healthy – Healthy living is embedded in the ethos of the Centre. From healthy diets to physical exercise.

Stay Safe – We provide a safe environment, promoting high standards of conduct and involving all staff and visitors in assessing risk and sensible behaviour.

Enjoy and Achieve – We foster personal and social development, offer new challenges and opportunities with the focus on fun, active learning.

Make a Positive Contribution – We encourage children to help themselves and each other, increase self-confidence and independence and take responsibility for their own actions and impact on the environment.

Achieve Economic Well-Being – We provide an opportunity to learn about sustainability and how to achieve a fulfilling lifestyle within the limits of the earth’s capacity to support us now and for future generations.

A Typical Day At Kench Hill

7am Wake up, shower 7.30am – Feed Chickens
8am – Breakfast 9am – Tidy bedrooms, room inspection
9.30am Playtime or make sandwich for day trip 10am -Group activities start eg orienteering, shelter-building, gardening, bread-making
12.30 Lunch 1.30 Tuck shop, playtime
2pmGroup activities continue 4pm Whole class activity
5pm Dinner 6pm Playtime
6.30pm Classroom session eg diary writing 8pm Evening snack, entertainment eg story

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